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Oh boys….

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I love it when younger girls look up to older girls as role models and heroes. I love it when older girls enthusiastically support and protect younger girls. I love it when girls are psyched about the skills and accomplishments of other girls, I love it when girls compliment each other, take care of each other, encourage each other. I love it when girls realize how awesome and important they are. I love it when girls are fuckin’ pumped about girls.

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Dear United States of America,
I am 13 years old. This summer was the best summer of my young life. Out of this whole journey, the best part was having my family behind me supporting me through everything I did. I have a passion for sports. Every day of the week I’m playing soccer, basketball, or baseball. I stand for girls who want to play sports with the boys and to be a role model for people, young and old. I throw 70 miles per hour. That’s throwing like a girl.

Your Daughter, Mo’Ne Davis (x)

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Artist: The Haunted Mansion
Track: Grim, Grinning Ghosts
Album: Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth
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Grim Grinning Ghosts - Haunted Mansion

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Halloween Rule Breaker!

Get the look!

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random 2013-2014 vs. 2014-215 roster photos.

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"every angle you look at him… you can’t go wrong."


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"No, but Niall actually is my son, and I gave him away. I had a choice: I gave him to a circus or a boy band, and I gave him to a boy band. I think he’s doing very well. He sends the odd letter. From the minute he was born, he had great moves and great hair. 'This child has potential, now go forward and sing and multiply.'
- Allen Leech [Downton Abbey] on his and fellow Irishman Niall Horan’s resemblance

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the undead one who leaves passive aggressive post it notes everyone

i’m gonna be a complete dick of a zombie

The Infamous Decision to Give Up. Sounds like my life.

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Is that the goal horn, or just freedom ringing? My bald eagle is upset.

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anyone in or around St Louis please share this please help us find her

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And his nickname is “Douche face”

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